Testimonial: Clare Blaydon & Kevin Ellis

20th August 2014The Blog

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When this absolutely amazing testimonial arrived via email, we were unbelievably bowled over in the WBD studio.  It's not every day that a client takes the time to sit and compose such a lovely email to express their gratitude.  As a company/designer, it is usually assumed that no news is good news when it comes to supplying clients with their finished products which is why it's so rewarding when you get such amazing feedback.  Clare and Kevin are such a lovely couple and truly were a pleasure to work with.

"I first met Wendy at one of the big London wedding fairs back in spring of this year {2013}. Obviously there were a lot of stationery stands at this fair, but Wendy stuck in my mind as soon as I walked away from her, and continued to as I met and mentally rejected the others. She didn't recoil in horror when I said that the theme of our wedding was "twilight", rather, she waited patiently while I explained that what I meant by that was not the books (look at my wedding pictures, I'm the opposite of goth/vampire) but rather that magical time in the evening when it's just getting dark, the stars are coming out and butterflies (might) be flitting around! 
She then went on to suggest some ideas for a semi-bespoke order of service based on changing the format of one she had done previously to match the star theme that I wanted (this also helped it stay within my budget). I have to say, above everyone else that I met that day, Wendy seemed to care and want to listen and work with our ideas and that's what made her stick in my mind over everyone else (and actually she was the only one that followed me up after the show!). 

It was an easy decision to choose Wendy quite quickly once we got home from the wedding fair, and she got on with designing our beautiful orders of service! We were so happy with them when we got them, and they fitted the theme of the day perfectly. The fact is that Wendy just "gets it". She took my suggestions for the vision on board and managed to create something even better than I was picturing in my head.

Due to this, we decided to ask Wendy to design our table plan as well. We'd first toyed with this when we met Wendy but had decided back then to do it ourselves, but as the day got closer and we realised just how talented Wendy is, we thought, she'll do a far far better job than we could even try to! She had some great suggestions for adapting one that she had done for a previous couple - again showing that she understood what we were going for. Based on a terribly drawn rough plan by me and some colour ideas, Wendy blew us out the water again! She created a table plan far more beautiful than we could have imagined and added a few of her own suggestions to make it even better. It was based on an Ibiza theme and the tables were named after places we visited in Ibiza on the holiday when we got engaged; she even managed to incorporate the green pedalo boat on which we got engaged into the table plan in a tasteful way - it was FABULOUS! It really fitted in with the theme of the day and we had so many compliments on the stationery that Wendy had designed for us!

Wendy was on hand right up to the week of the wedding when parcel force decided they couldn't find my parent's house, and the service didn't stop until she knew we had our stationery and were nothing short of 100% pleased with it.

Thank you Wendy for helping to make wedding planning that little bit easier for us - I think the smile on mine and my husband's faces goes to show just how perfect a wedding we feel that we had and the perfect start to a long and happy marriage together."

Clare Blaydon, married on 28th September 2013.

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